Accademia Nazionale di San Luca

"Accademia Nazionale di San Luca aims to promote arts and architecture, to honor the merits of artists and scholars by electing them into the academic body, to work for the valorization and promotion of Italian art and architecture."

Franco Farinelli: the Plan, the World, the Sphere


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lecture: the Plan, the World, the Sphere

speakers: Francesco Moschini, Franco Farinelli

Franco Farinelli (1948) Professor of Geography at the University of Bologna and, since 2012, Director of the Department of Philosophy and Communication Sciences at the same university. He taught geography at the University of Geneva, Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley (UCB) and the Sorbonne in Paris

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Manlio Brusatin: the city of colors


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lecture: the city of colors

speakers: Francesco Moschini, Manlio Brusatin

Manlio Brusatin (1943) Professor of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Alghero. His research focused on the critical history of the forms, the outcome of which is a trilogy translated into several languages : History of the colors, Turin 1983, History of the images, Torino 1989, History of the lines, Turin 1993

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Paolo Rosa: museums of narration


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lecture: museums of narration
speakers: Francesco Moschini, Paolo Rosa

Paolo Rosa (1949) since 1982 carries out its activity within Studio Azzurro (, bringing forward an artistic research in the field of video art by exploring poetic and expressive capacity of new cultures.

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