Accademia Nazionale di San Luca

"Accademia Nazionale di San Luca aims to promote arts and architecture, to honor the merits of artists and scholars by electing them into the academic body, to work for the valorization and promotion of Italian art and architecture."

Giuseppe Ghezzi



Author: Giuseppe Ghezzi

Title: Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s portrait

Techinque: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 48 x 64,7 cm

Academy’s paintings collection

Carlo Lorenzetti



Author: Carlo Lorenzetti

Title: Sky’s eyes

Techinque: aluminum sculpture

Academy’s contemporary masters collection

Jean de Boulogne


sec. XVI

Author: Jean de Boulogne

Title: River’s allegory

Academy’s sculpture collection

Techinque: clay sculpture


Jacopo Bassano


sec. XVI

Author: Jacopo da Ponte (Bassano)

Title: Announcement to the shepherds

Techinque: oil on canvas

Dimensions: 78 x 95,4 cm

Academy’s panting collection

Nicola Carletti


Year: 1757

Author: Nicola Carletti

Title: Melito, plan for the new church (section)

Techinque: pen and watercolor

Dimensions: 63 x 49 cm

Academic gifts

Architectural drawings, Academy’s historical archive


Gino Marotta


Author: Gino Marotta

Title: Paper

year: 1956

Contemporary Drawing Collection | Academy’s Archive 


Vittorio Gregotti


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Urban regeneration in Italy

Speaker: Vittorio Gregotti

Academy’s multimedia collection

Arnoldo Ciarrocchi



Author: Arnoldo Ciarrocchi

Title: At the hairdresser’s

Techinque: mixed media on paper

Dimensions: 35 x 50 cm

Academy’s contemporary drawing collection

Alessandro Anselmi



Author: Alessandro Anselmi

Title: Santa Severina’s square and garden

Techinque: indian ink drawing on tracing paper

Dimensions: 80 x 96cm

Academy’s contemporary drawing collection

Franco Farinelli: the Plan, the World, the Sphere


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lecture: the Plan, the World, the Sphere

speakers: Francesco Moschini, Franco Farinelli

Franco Farinelli (1948) Professor of Geography at the University of Bologna and, since 2012, Director of the Department of Philosophy and Communication Sciences at the same university. He taught geography at the University of Geneva, Los Angeles (UCLA), Berkeley (UCB) and the Sorbonne in Paris

Academy’s multimedia collection